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 A nature lover who is passionate about capturing all of it’s beauty on paper and expressing it through her art.  The beauty of flowers blooming, butterflies flying and seasons changing.  Capturing fine detail with charcoal and color pencil.



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Butterfly Accent



I use a special technique with black and white charcoal drawings on different colored paper.  The drawing style with black and white charcoal becomes a more three dimensional and realistic feel that I can get very creative with.  To see my colored paper art gallery you can click here .  I also draw with charcoal on white paper for those who like black and white drawings.  

For those of you interested in learning more about my drawing technique, I have several art blogs posted that highlight some art tips butterfly accent 2and drawing techniques.



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 Latest Butterfly Drawing

Butterflies flying through chocolate cosmo flowers.  Cosmo flowers are the symbol of love.  This drawing symbolizes the ability of love to get through anything and to go anywhere as far as the cosmos will go.

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beautiful butterflies flying through cosmos flowers and petals pencil drawing. Star background for cosmo universe design. Wall decor original and art prints available.

Detailed Pencil Drawings on Colored Paper


Color Paper
Color Paper Art


Realistic Black and White Charcoal Drawings

Black and White
Black and White Art


Photorealistic Baby Inspired Art Drawings


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Baby Inspired Art



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